The rise and growth of the e-commerce market for product sourcing in India has led to our rising - RRRL Sourcing. We provide you personalized service a step further from e-commerce.

With a solid market-base, an extensive global outreach and a quality driven team, our motto at RRRL is –
"You Name it, And We will get it for You…"

We can help you by providing customized product sourcing solutions – “Anything that you want to buy”. Backed by our knowledge of competent & reliable sources across the globe, we commit ourselves to supply any product as per your needs. We strive to meet your requirements and offer the best competitive prices for your desired products.


Our Sourcing solutions are offered as a total package which includes – sourcing products at customer’s doorstep.

Currently, our venture has a dynamic market presence of product sourcing in India, UK, USA, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Thailand.